Welcome to 121 Airbrushing!

My name is Robin Carpenter, after my service in the Royal Navy I joined the aviation industry and for twenty two years I painted real aircraft for a living, working on historic aircraft made from canvas and wood, Spitfires, air ambulances, through military aircraft and helicopters to Boeing 767, including
executive aircraft like The Queen’s Flight. 

I was heavily involved in the design and first application of the colourful exterior scheme of the display aircraft Hawker Hunter “Miss Demeanour” in the late 1990s, and I have been making models of ships,
dioramas and aircraft as far back as my childhood. 

In 2003 I put my first love of model making and my career skills together and formed a company supplying paints and painting equipment to the hobby market.  From this I developed my present work. For the past 14 years I have been teaching beginners in airbrushing at a class for model makers.  In my view, the principles of painting a model are the same as painting real aircraft. It is just a question of scale.